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    We work with the best courier and transport companies. Thanks to this, your parcels will go into the hands of professionals. At GlobKurier.pl, we focus on quality, which is why our team consists of specialists in their field who are able to carry out even the most demanding orders.

    GlobKurier Freight & Forwarding

    Good and efficient logistics facilities are a guarantee of success. With this in mind, we have created a team of specialists, experienced forwarders and logistics specialists who will help you send or download loads and goods even from the farthest corners of the world. All this for an attractive price and in the most optimized time. We treat each order individually, thanks to which we can guarantee high-quality service. We provide services related to sea, rail, road and air freight transport..

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    In response to the ever-growing demand for domestic and international transport of goods, at GlobKurier.pl we are constantly expanding our offer. We try to go beyond standard solutions to provide you with an offer tailored to your business.


    As part of the GlobKurier Forwarding we offer comprehensive support for forwarding processes in your company.


    As a professional logistics operator, we deal with the transport of heavier, dedicated and specialized loads to almost all countries in the world.


    Are you looking for a shipping service with customs clearance? Check out the GlobKurier Forwarding.

    Our offer includes a carrier:

    The carrier has many years of experience on the international market. The company started operating on May 1, 1852. Currently, the carrier carries out all kinds of deliveries, groupage, pallet, freight not only by road, but also by air and sea. At GlobKurier.pl you can order the Rohlig SUUS carrier for your national and international pallets. We guarantee high-quality service and a low price.

    Hellmann Worldwide Logistics was founded in Germany by Carl Heinrich Hellmann, who initially ran a sole proprietorship, delivering goods by horse cart. Currently, it is one of the largest international transport companies. It carries out orders by air freight, road and sea freight. In the GlobKurier.pl offer, the Hellmann carrier can send pallet and groupage shipments.

    A leader in the logistics industry that offers domestic and international shipments. The company is distinguished by a global profile of activity, providing its services in over 220 countries. Currently, DHL employs 350,000 people, thanks to which it is constantly improving the quality of services provided. As part of DHL Fracht, GlobKurier can ship groupage, i.e. 1-5 pallets weighing up to 2500 kg; pallet shipments, over 2500 kg in weight, which are carried out in the service of additional loading (full-truck transport) We also deliver to Amazon.

    What makes us stand out?

    Usługi transportowe i spedycyjne

    Rodzaj usługi logistyczno-transportowej
    Obsługiwany obszar
    Jak rozpocząć?
    Frachty/transport drogowyEuropa i Azja

    Frachty/transport lotniczyCały świat
    Frachty/transport morskiCały świat
    Frachty/transport kolejowyEuropa i Azja
    Fulfillment & Dropshipping – obsługa projektów i wdrażanieEuropa
    Przesyłki terminowe (priorytetowe)Cały świat
    Celno-spedycyjne przesyłki w eksporcie, imporcie i tranzycie oraz odprawy fiskalne na terenie danego kraju Cały świat
    Obsługa towarów niebezpiecznych w transporcie morskim (IMO) i lotniczym (DGR)Cały świat
    Przesyłki wartościowe (wartość większa niż 1000$/1kg)
    Przesyłki ponadgabarytowe Cały świat
    Ładunki całokontenerowe i drobnicowe
    Przesyłki w temperaturze kontrolowanej (przewóz żywności, leków, roślin)

    Road freight across Europe and Asia

    Road transport allows you to transport any type of goods to any destination in Europe and Asia.


    We offer individual transport solutions tailored to specific operational and time requirements. The choice of a specific means of road transport should be made on the basis of the parameters of the goods, the route to be traveled and the currently available transport options.


    If you are a business customer, we invite you to familiarize yourself with an example of a net price calculation with a fuel surcharge.

    EUROPA Pallet 120x80x60, actual weight 100 kg / volumetric weight 192 kg

    Usługi transportowe i spedycyjne – palety

    ANGLIA 200kg
    od 315zł
    AUSTRIA 200kg
    od 363zł
    BELGIA 200kg
    od 376zł
    BUŁGARIA 200kg
    od 422zł
    CZECHY 200kg
    od 271zł
    DANIA 200kg
    od 426zł
    ESTONIA 200kg
    od 384zł
    FRANCJA 200kg
    od 549zł
    HISZPANIA 200kg
    od 532zł
    HOLANDIA 200kg
    od 403zł
    IRLANDIA 200kg
    od 504zł
    LITWA 200kg
    od 296zł
    ŁOTWA 200kg
    od 296 zł
    NIEMCY 200kg
    od 256zl
    RUMUNIA 200kg
    od 388zl
    SŁOWACJA 200kg
    od 289zł
    SŁOWENIA 200kg
    od 321zł
    UKRAINA 200kg
    od 321zł
    SZWECJA 200kg
    od 429zł
    WĘGRY 200kg
    od 293zł
    WŁOCHY 200kg
    od 353zł
    *rabat przy wielopaczkowości
    od 2 do 5 palet -5%
    od 6 do 10 palet -8%
    od 11 do 15 palet -10%

    You can order with us the air transport of your goods to the largest business centers (eg Hong Kong, New York, Johannesburg) in the Door-to-Door i Door-to-Airport system.

    We are the only logistics company in Poland, dealing with the forwarding of fast and cost-optimized air transport of heavier shipments – weighing 100-500 kg, in the Door-to -Door, commonly known as “door-to-door” and Door-to-Airport!

    The limiting dimension for air freight is the height of the cargo:

    • – on European routes – 75cm,
    • – on transatlantic routes – 160cm,
    •  – in cargo planes – 220cm.

    The method of loading the goods depends on the aircraft model:

    • – Boeing 747 – on aviation pallets,
    • – Airbus – container,
    •  – Boeing 737 – bulk cargo on euro pallets.

    Air shipment dimensions:

    • – – items not on the pallet: 120 x 80 x 80 cm, waga: 70kg
    • – elements on a pallet*: 120 x 100 x 160 cm, waga: 1000kg

    Sea transport is particularly popular due to its reasonable costs. 

    Sea freight is cheaper than, for example, rail freight. In addition, shipments of various dimensions, including oversized, can be transported by sea.

    We provide customs and forwarding services,, organize sea transport using various containers. Thanks to cooperation with many entities, we can present a favorable offer, tailored to individual needs.

    np. the new “Silk Road” from China

    Our offer also includes a forwarding service consisting in organizing the transport of cargo by rail transport. In rail transport, the cargo is delivered to the railway terminal, loaded, transported, unloaded at the terminal and then sent to the final destination. The entire service is therefore more costly and time-consuming.

    When do we recommend rail transport? We recommend rail transport when:

    • – there is a large volume of goods to be transported, e.g. transport of coal from a mine, fuel cisterns from a refinery, grain to a mill, etc.
    • – the place of delivery is remote, e.g. former CIS countries, Mongolia. Kazakhstan, China etc.

    Rail transport we recommend as an alternative to large air cargo. 

    Why is it worth asking about a dedicated forwarding and freight offer?

    W przypadku dalekich i dużych wysyłek na wycenę składa się kilka czynników. Na przykład w cenniku frachtu lotniczego, morskiego i kolejowego należy skalkulować nie tylko ilość i wagę nadawanych przesyłek, ale także dodatkowe koszty związane z opłatami celnymi, handlingowymi/lotniskowymi. Cena tego samego transportu do podobnej lokalizacji może ulegać zmianom. Z tego względu zachęcamy do kontaktu z Biurem Obsługi Klienta, kontakt@globkurier.pl, który przygotuje dedykowaną, optymalną wycenę dla danej wysyłki.