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    GlobKurier.pl is a professional logistics operator that enables the shipment of parcels and pallets in Poland and abroad. Thanks to cooperation with carriers and couriers around the world, we can offer shipment to any country on every continent

    With GlobKurier.pl you will deliver your parcel not only to European countries, but even to the most remote places in Asia, North America, South America, Australia or Africa.

    By using our website, you can both import and export your shipments. The costs of shipments abroad can be found in the price list of foreign shipments.

    At GlobKurier.pl, you can implement various types of transport:


    • economic and priority road service,
    • economic and priority air service,
    • rail freight
    • specialized air freight
    • parcel, pallet and container shipments,
    • both air freight
    • parcel, pallet and container shipments,
    • both import, jak i export,
    • dokumenty

    Over 190 countries are available in our international shipping offer. We are able to provide any type of transport. Depending on your needs, our specialists can offer you the perfect solution, or you can decide what type of forwarding you will use. We have expanded our offer of sea, air and rail freight. If you run a business, you can use our specialized services at an attractive price. 

    What else is worth knowing about international shipments?

    The exception is letter-post items that have no commercial value. There are two types of customs clearance. Goods with a value below EUR 22 are subject to collective clearance, while goods with a value of more than EUR 22 are subject to individual clearance. In this case, customs clearance is associated with the need to provide additional documents by the sender of the package, shipment (customs clearance cards, proforma invoices and, depending on the type of goods transported and the purpose of the shipment – statements). For individual checks, additional documents should be provided, such as photocopies of company documents (when the sender is a company), a copy of an ID card (for senders who are private persons) and an authorization for the Customs Agency, a proforma invoice. We encourage you to print and label the shipment with a bill of lading generated in our system, otherwise a manual bill of lading will be charged 25 PLN / NET.

    Remember that:


    • the price offered by courier companies and parcel services covers only the costs of transport, while the cost of customs clearance is transferred to the recipient of the shipment for customs clearance to be carried out – an EORI number is required (valid for natural persons)
    • transport of large-size parcels to Norway and Russia is handled only in the company-company relationship
    1. Please be advised that the dimensional (volumetric) weight is calculated for each shipment. In the event that the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, the price is calculated on its basis.

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    GlobKurier is a professional logistics operator. We work with over 50 carriers around the world. With our company, your foreign shipments are safe, because we have full control over them. We look forward to working with you!