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    Pallet dimensions Price
    Pallet 80×60 up to 600kg 90PLN
    EURO Pallet 120×80 up to 200kg109PLN
    EURO Pallet 120×80 up to 400kg120PLN
    Pallet120x100 up to 200kg124PLN
    EURO Pallet 120×80 up to 600kg130PLN
    Pallet 120×100 up to 400kg137PLN
    EURO Pallet 120×80 up to 800kg140PLN
    Pallet120x120 up to 200kg142PLN
    Pallet 120×100 up to 600kg148PLN
    Pallet 120×120 up to 400kg158PLN
    EURO Pallet 120×80 up to 1000kg158PLN
    Pallet 120×100 up to 800kg160PLN
    Pallet 120×120 up to 600kg172PLN
    Pallet 120×100 up to 1000kg172PLN
    Pallet 240×80 up to 200kg185PLN
    Pallet 120×120 up to 800kg185PLN
    Pallet 120×120 up to 1000kg200PLN
    Pallet 240×80 up to 400kg206PLN
    Pallet 240×80 up to 600kg225PLN
    Pallet 240×80 up to 800kg244PLN
    Pallet 240×80 up to 1000kg262PLN
    *net prices without fuel surcharge

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