All payment information collected in one place.
What is COD/Cash on Delivery?

The type of courier service you pay for when you pick up your package from the courier.

What are the payment and settlement methods in Globkurier service? service provides several popular payment and settlement options for courier services purchase. Our courier service ordering system consists of 6 steps, and 5 of them is payment method selection.

Plain bank transfer

Online bank transfer

Online card payment

Payment from prepaid account

Deferred payment 

There are errors on the invoice what should I do?

In this case, please contact our Customer Service to correct the incorrect information. 

What is a prepaid account?

Prepaid account is one of payment methods in service, next to such possibilities as bank transfer, online bank transfer or online card payment. Possibility to pay for order from prepaid account is possible only for users with prepaid account. Prepaid funds withdrawal fee is 9,99 PLN/NETTO. 

How do I top up my account?

Log in to service and go to Customer panel. In the main window, in visible section my finances, click button recharge and make a payment.

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