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The price of the shipment depends on many factors, not only the size and weight of the shipment, but also the country of dispatch and receipt, are of great importance. The price is also influenced by the chosen form of transport. Sea and air transport are more expensive than road transport. You should also consider whether you will be selected any additional options, such as timely delivery by a specified time or shipping insurance. At GlobKurier, we make every effort to keep our prices low and competitive.

There is also VAT (23%) added to the price of the courier shipment when you ship it as a private individual, and the fuel surcharge, which is usually between 8% and 20%.

How much will shipping cost?

If you want to know the price of your shipment, just use the quick quote option.

After selecting the country of dispatch, collection and dimensions of the shipment, click “search for courier offers” and the system will generate a list of recommended couriers. For each of the couriers offered, two prices are given, the net price and the gross price. The gross price includes the fuel surcharge and is the final price for the order, without additional options. Additional services that may affect the shipping price are selected when placing the order. The price for the order is calculated on an ongoing basis and displayed on the side of the order form.

Are there any price lists?

On our website, you can also check prices not only using a quick quote, but also in the price lists available on the websites.

Individual price lists:

Can prices be negotiated?

If you have registered on our website as a business customer, and you regularly send large amounts of shipments, you can contact us to negotiate better rates. Also for shipments requiring individual quote such as ocean freight, some non-standard priced shipments may be negotiated.


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