• bez ukrytych kosztówPrepaid account at GlobKurier.pl

    Prepaid is mainly associated with the service of prepaid cards, the popularity of which has slightly decreased, although the prepaid service itself still enjoys a lot of polarity. At GlobKurier.pl, we have made it possible to make payments from a previously topped up prepaid account. Find out how it works and why you should have it.

    What is a prepaid account?

    Each user who has set up an account at GlobKurier.pl has a prepaid account. A prepaid account is one of the payment methods for orders on our website. It is enough to top up the account for any amount to be able to pay for orders with the funds available on the account. It is a much faster solution than a traditional bank or online transfer or payment by credit card. After topping up, the money is not lost, so you can use it at any time, even if parcels are not shipped regularly.

    If you have topped up your prepaid account, but you do not want to use it and you decide to withdraw funds, you will have to pay for this transaction in the amount of PLN 9.99 net

    How do I top up my prepaid account?

    All you need to do is log in to GlobKurier.pl and go to the customer panel. In the main window, in the visible section my finances, click the top up button and make a payment.

    Payment can be made by online transfer or bank transfer.

    How do I make a payment from a prepaid account?

    Paying for an order is the fifth step in the order form. A prepaid account is one of the payment methods selected at this stage of the order. If there are enough funds on the account, the order will be easily paid in this way.

    What can you gain?

    Using the prepaid service is very easy and convenient. You have much more control over your expenses, especially if you run a business and someone you work for makes payments. In addition, you save time because there is a faster payment option than making bank transfers each time. It is also worth checking the information from us on an ongoing basis, because you can find unique promotions, thanks to which you will gain up to 10% of the prepaid top-up value. The use of funds is not limited in time, so you can pay for your order at any time.


    to use prepaid payments, you must first create an account at GlobKurier.pl!