How do I pack a shipment?

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    How do I pack a shipment properly?

    The method of packaging should be appropriate to both the size and contents of the shipment.

    A standard shipment has a cuboid or rectangular shape and is packed in a cardboard box with equal sides. The maximum size of a standard shipment depends on the carrier.

    How to pack a bike?

    Remove all protruding parts of the bike. The wheels can be attached to the frame or detached, as well as the handlebars and saddle. Wrap the prepared bicycle in bubble wrap and place it in a cardboard box.

    How do I ship a pallet correctly?

    It is used for transporting a large number of smaller packages and bulky items. Pallets are the base, on which packages of different sizes can be placed. Their construction allows quick lifting by fork lifts.

    Does Globkurier provide pallets and other packing materials?

    The Customer is responsible for packing the parcel according to Carrier’s requirements. Globkurier does not provide pallets or packing materials. There is a possibility to request for envelopes or foil wraps – in such case we send materials to Customer’s address.


    How to secure a pallet?

    Remember that it is the shipper’s responsibility to select the correct pallet and to properly pack and secure the goods. Items that are placed on a pallet should be in a position providing optimal stability and not protrude beyond the edges of the pallet. The entire pallet should be carefully secured with stretch or shrink wrap. Pallets with humidity higher than 22% should not be wrapped with foil, as it may cause moisture, mold growth, and damage to the shipment. It is also advisable to secure the load against movement by using straps or lashings.

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