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How to send a package from Poland to a foreign country?

Nothing difficult! While providing information about parcel dimensions, please specify the destination of shipment. services a great number of countries. We operate not only in Europe, but in the whole world!

When do I have to pay customs duty?

For shipments outside the EU, customs and tax charges may apply. The cost of customs clearance is borne by the recipient upon delivery of the shipment.

What is an EORI number?

EORI is the European Economic Operator Registration and Identification System. It should be generated by companies outsourcing transport outside EU countries.

How long does it take to clear customs?

Customs clearance is carried out by the customs office, the time of clearance depends on the work of the customs office as well as the completeness of the documents provided to carry out the customs procedure. We cannot set a specific time for customs clearance.

Customs clearance - the necessary documents

Depending on the type of clearance, you must prepare the relevant documents. The value of the goods must always be accurately estimated.

1. individual clearance

– In case of a company :

– Commercial invoice (in Polish and English)

– Copies of NIP, KRS, REGON numbers

– EORI number

– Authorization to Customs Agency

– In case of a private person:

– Proforma invoice (in Polish and English)

– Authorization to Customs Agency

– Depending on the goods to be carried, an additional declaration may be required

Collective clearance:

– Proforma invoice (in Polish and English). Describe as precisely as possible the goods transported and specify the materials from which they are made.

– Depending on the goods transported, an additional statement may be required.

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